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Industrial Visit – Delta Electrical – 10th April, 2015 – Corporate Resource Cell

The Corporate Resource Cell organized an Industrial Visit to Delta Electrical on 10th of April, 2015 for the students pursuing B.Tech Electrical Engineering from Rai University. The visit was organized to give live demonstration of the work and function of an Electrical Engineer with manufacturing of induction motor. The students were guided around the campus facility by Senior Supervisor on behalf of the organization.
Established in the year 1979, “Delta Electrical” is in the field of manufacturing of high quality Sq. Cage Induction Motors with indigenous know-how, under brand name ‘Delta’ for various applications like agriculture, agro-industries, textile industries, machine tools, material handling is into the manufacture of Induction Motor of various ratings and range equipments, lift, crane and hoist duty etc.
The chief objective behind this visit was to help students learn about the manufacturing of Induction Motor of various ratings, like as the range of ‘Delta’ motors was kept between 0.5 H.P. / 0.37 K.W. to 10 H.P. / 7.5 K.W. in 2,4,6,8 Poles, with 415±6% Volts and 50/60 Hz three phase. Now days there are lot of updates in technology and it is very important to make the students aware about these technologies and safety precautions to be taken while using them.
The visit of Delta Electrical has made students familiar with Design and assembling of various parts of Induction Motor. Students saw design of yoke and assembling process of motor parts by use of modern machinery. They learnt design of winding and wound of winding.
The Senior Supervisor of the company delivered a valuable piece of guidance regarding heat exchanger basics and designing concepts used in the industry. The students benefitted a lot from the opportunity and received a chance to update their theoretical concept on Induction Motors.

Students observing the manufacturing process.

Students learning about the equipments and the manufacturing process.

Students posing for group photo.