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Industrial Visit – Corrtech Energy Ltd. – 20th February, 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

The sun is said to be the eternal source of life sustaining solar energy. However, man with his own brains has developed his own ways and means to exploit the gifts of nature to his own advantage and helped today’s generation to learn and understand the use of the word “energy” and its needs to sustain life. With this thought in mind, the Corporate Resource Cell organized a visit to Corrtech Energy Ltd. The students of Mechanical Engineering VI Semester were the prime beneficiaries of this visit.

Corrtech Energy Limited (CEL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Corrtech International Private Limited (CIPL). CEL provides reliable and affordable products and services to the gas turbine & steam turbine operators across the globe and to the aerospace & defense sectors globally. CEL’s forte is providing comprehensive gas turbine solutions for GE designed heavy duty industrial gas turbines. A market leader in offering complete gas turbines solutions for two decades, CEL has successfully diversified into aerospace & defense sectors as well.

The objective of the visit was to explain how the different types of machines like lathe M/c, Drilling M/c, and Milling M/c, CNC turning, CNC milling, EDM M/c and EDM wire cut M/c, Profile projector and Tool maker microscope and also the different types of welding mainly used in pipe joint.

The students were initially briefed about the rules and regulations to be followed while visiting the campus. The students got a chance to visit the various departments like Skid, CNC & VMC Dept. Also they were welcomed into the QC Department and shown practical working of CNC and Lath Machines and students were allowed hands on experience on instruments like Profile Projector, tool maker microscope which was delightfully done by some of the students. The students also got answers on the industry expectations from engineers and learnt about important skills necessary for the modern day mechanical engineers

The visit helped students to understand the process and working system of CNC Machines, Quality Control and exposure to many workshop related tools important for an engineer.


Students and Faculties-A group photo outside Corrtech Industries

Group Photo of students outside the factory workshop site