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Industrial Visit- Bharadiya Farm – 10th October, 2015 – Corporate Resource Cell

Rai University has always believed in doing creating an interface between theory based learning with actual real-time exposure and experiences. With a view to expose the “future agriculturists” with modern day agricultural practices, the Corporate Resource Cell arranged an Industrial Visit for the students of B.Sc. Agriculture Semester III were taken for an Industrial Visit at Bharadiya Farm at Bharuch.
The Bharadiya Farm is a modern day agricultural farm located in the Bharuch District almost 140 Kms from Rai University. The Farm owner Mr. Jaiminbhai Patel explained in detail and gave an overview regarding the working of the farm and the various agriculture processes being undertaken there for improving efficiency and effectiveness of different flower and fruit category plants.
The tour was initiated with a display of the Variety- Thailand dragon 1 which is an intercropping between dragon fruit is marigold for protection of nematodes. Some effects of the Marigold Plant Pathology were displayed along with some information regarding their Flowering times and also regarding the climatic conditions and the countries where different kinds of flower and fruit trees are grown.
The second part of the visit focused on the use of Grafting Technique in Woody Plants popularly originated from Japan. The students were made aware about the benefits of the Grafting Process and shown an actual process of grafting process with a small demonstration and linking it with the current grafting process being studied by them.
The student knowledge levels were increased many fold with practical demonstration and the stimulating experience showing them the importance of “learning beyond the books”.

New Agricultural Practices were displayed with use of modern day practices of plant nursery

Grafting Technique was explained beautifully by the guide as one of the students looked with interest at one of the plants

Inside the modern day green-house, plants are preserved with utmost care

Grafting of flowering plants being explained by the guide