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Industrial Visit – Anand Oil – 15th April, 2015 – Corporate Resource Cell

The Corporate Resource Cell organized an Industrial Visit to Anand Oil on 15th of April, 2015 for the students pursuing MBA and BBA Final Semester from Rai University. The visit was attended to get live exposure of production and operations department. The students were guided around the campus facility by Mr. Harshad Patel.
The full name expansion of Anand Oil is Anand Regional Co-Operative Oil Seeds Grower’s Union Ltd. It’s known as ARCOGUL, and it was started in 1969 Chikhodra village near Anand, to help the Cottonseed growers of this area. ARCOGUL helped in the formation of 130 societies with a membership of 25,000 farmers covering 739 villages. Here in this company national dairy’s investment is of 51%, it is spread in huge area. It has wide range of products but it is limited to sell in the few districts only.
The objective of the Industrial Visit was to make the students aware of the production and operation of Edible oil manufacturing plant and how to make the byproducts. This also includes several aspects of the management that includes packaging, lab testing, marketing etc.
Students were divided into two groups and they were directed by Mr. Pravin Patel & Mr. Harshad Patel to various segments of the Organization. The segments those were covered are: a) Processing plant: cottonseed pre-processing plant, oil mill, Solvent Extraction Plant, Refinery b) Bottling & Packaging c) Lab Testing. The students were also shown the quality control process and the different ways in which plant maintenance forms an important part of the plant operations.
The students were able to understand many a concepts on the different areas of management like service management, production management, operations management which form the core of their management learning

The students and the faculties being shown the packaging division of the Oil Plant

Students were shown some of the parts of the manufacturing process and one of them is the sludge recirculation unit

Mr. Harshad Patel showing the process of extraction of oil from oil seeds to the students