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Industrial Visit – Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation – 180 MLD CAPACITY SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT – 13th September 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

The Corporate Resource Cell of Rai University organized a visit to 180 MLD CAPACITY SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT at Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation aims to fulfill the student goals and dreams in an efficient way to gain practical knowledge of the core projects and gain industrial skills which can complete the their education properly. The students of Diploma & B. Tech Civil Engineering Semester V & VII were the prime beneficiaries from this visit.

The sewage treatment plant, Pirana is India’s first largest sewage treatment plant which is based on fine bubble diffused aeration with PLC-SCADA auto operation system. The objective of sewage treatment plant are To Provide Treated Effluent, make the water free from odour, To Reduce Suspended Solids & BOD and to make the water effluent useful for irrigation. AMC ensures quality Water Supply to Citizens. It also provides disinfection Treatment through Gas Chlorination Plants (141 Nos.) at water Distribution Stations and Dozers (287 Nos.) at isolated bore-wells. For water quality Chlorine content and Quality of Water measured daily and data published in News Paper on quarterly basis and also available on website.

Main objective behind the visit was to acquaint students with Waste Water Engineering. The visit made them aware about various stages of sewage treatment process. Beginning of the visit, students were introduced with the general layout plan of the sewage treatment plant and were understood about the flow diagram of the system. Then students were introduced the separate introduction of working style, basic concepts and understanding of various stages of the plant such as Inlet Chamber, Screen Channel with step type fine screen, Grit Chamber, Parshall Flume, Primary Clarifier, Aeration tank, Secondary Clarifier, Chlorination System, Sludge Thickener, Anaerobic Digester and Belt filter process.

Students were briefly guided Process Units, Biological Treatment Units, Sludge System Unit and Gas Utilization System. Students were introduced with different characteristics of sewage treatment plant and how the various process of waste water treatment plants are carried out.

Students visited the entire plant and got vast information about Waste Water Engineering. They also clarified their doubts during the plant visit. It also gave them a chance to come a step closer to their educational experience which forms the basis for a strong career. All in all, it was a fruitful visit.

Group Photo – Faculty & Students – At Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation