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Guest Lecture – ULTRATECH CEMENT LTD – Mr. Ajit Radhakrishnan – 22nd September, 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

On 22nd September, the Corporate Resource Cell conducted a great knowledge sharing session by arranging guest lecture of Ultratech Cement Ltd. on the topic “Good Construction Practices”. Mr. Ajit Radhakrishnan – Regional Head of Gujarat State, Mr. Mayur Bhandarkar – Territory Technical Service Manager & Mr. Suhas Prajapati were the esteemed guest speakers. The students of B. Tech Civil Engineering Semester VII were benefited by this guest lecture. The main objective of this guest lecture was to make the students aware about good construction practices.

Mr. Ajit Radhakrishnan, who is the Regional Head of Gujarat & having experience of more than 20 years, briefed about Ultratech Cement Ltd. Mr. Mayur Bhandarkar, is the Territory Technical Service Manager, having experience of more than 9 years. Mr. Suhas Prajapati is also Territory Technical Service Manager having experience of more than 10 years. Their area of expertise was production of construction materials and quality control and practice of the field construction.

The guest lecture was started with the introduction of all three dignitaries given by one of the B. Tech Civil Engineering student Harsh Patel from semester VII. All the respective academic staff members of Department of Civil Department were present in the guest lecture including Head of the Department – Prof. Mo. Aasif Mafat.

The speaker began the lecture with the introduction of Ultratech cement Ltd. – An Aditya Birla Group Company. It included brief introduction of different product of Ultratech Cement like Ultratech Concrete, Building Product, Building Solution, Birla White Cement etc. Students also learned the procedure for manufacturing of Ultratech Cement in Plant. The Session conducted on the method procedure on the construction activity of the field.

By this guest lecture, students learned about introduction properties of various construction materials and their quality control use in the field of construction. Students also learned the professionalism of the guests, presentation skills and technical concept of the good construction practice such as, cement production method, different construction materials and their properties, flow of activities of construction work and its quality control measures. Visiting the site construction, students got themselves clear about what they had in the technical theory session. The quiz competition was finding of what they learned in the session.

The gesture ended with vote of thanks given by Mr. Ramesh Patel. The gesture grossed a thunderous round of applause from students and faculties. The session was very practical and students learned a lot out of it.

Ultratech Cement – Guest Lecture – Students involvement and contribution

Ultratech Cement – Group Photo – Students and Faculties

Ultratech Cement – Guest Lecture – Expert sharing his knowledge and experience to the stuudent

Ultratech Cement – Guest Lecture – Expert presentation & Speech