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Guest Lecture – Taru Leading Edge Pvt. Ltd. – Karan Shah – 10th February, 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

The Corporate Resource Cell organized a guest lecture for the engineers of tomorrow and invited Mr. Karan Shah from Taru Leading Edge Pvt. Ltd. for enlightening the students of tomorrow on the Topic of Urban Area Planning.
Mr. Karan Shah is an enthusiastic seasoned professional with 4+ years of work experience especially in implementation and management of projects in the area of climate change, urban resilience and sustainability. He has developed and expanded ‘sustainability education & training’ practice at Nirantara Sustainability Consultants as first formal employee of the team. Constantly participating in conceptualizing and implementing multiple national level projects involving research, outreach and stakeholder engagement. Excellent skill sets in project management, communication, strategy and business development, research and analysis.
The first topic of the day revolved around the concept of Urban Town Planning. The speaker energetically put forward a short question and answers session to withhold. He asked some quick questions to the students regarding their ideas to improve town planning of Ahmedabad. Then the speaker energetically went about with his explanation of the fundamentals and concepts of town planning. He laid special reference on the idea of using flyovers as an effective way to tackle the tricky issue of rising urban traffic.
The second topic hovered around the challenges for a Civil Engineer during the process of town planning which is becoming a critical issue with regards to the reducing supply of land for residential as well as commercial constructions.
During the closing phase of the discussion the speaker covered some critical problems like Planning for climate changes, Redundant and durable life safety, Environmental Concern (use low carbon input materials and system) and used lively examples of Ahmedabad City.
The students learnt a lot and got clarity on the concepts of modern day town planning and challenges on offer.

Mr. Karan Shah during a light moment during the discussion of student ideas regarding Ahmedabad City Town Planning

Students and Faculties watched with interest as Mr. Karan Shah explained the remarkable difference between classical and modern town planning

Students, Faculties and Head of Department of Civil, Auto and Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Mohammad Asif too stood surprised at the remarkable facts presented by the speaker