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Guest Lecture – RCAD Solutions – 10th September, 2015 – Corporate Resource Cell

The corporate resource cell organized a knowledge sharing opportunity for the students of Electrical Engineering. Mr. Nirav Bhatt from the renowned R-CAD Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was invited as the guest lecturer to share his insights on the uses of Autocad and its relevance to “modern engineering life”.

Mr. Nirav Bhatt has qualified as ME (Civil) with total experience of 5 long years in versatile Field. Currently he is working as Technical Director in R Cad Solution. Some of the prominent areas of expertise include Design of Power Transmission and Distribution, Design of Substation, Design internal wiring of Industry or House.

The speaker began on a different note going steadily as he raised the tempo of the lecture with determination and style of his own. He began with some interesting examples on the concept of Electrical Panels. He further went on and clarified some of the concepts related to Electrical Control Design and Layout along with some diagrams and images. Steadily, the lecture reached its climax as the speaker covered some interesting areas related to symbol libraries, bill of materials (BOM) reporting, and PLC I/O design that make control design faster and more efficient.

The lecturer slowly pulled the curtains with the discussion of the final topic of the day on Electrical Schematic Design. He also pulled up the topic with some interesting examples on some micro topics like Load balancing, Electrical Schematic design.

The students received a great chance during the question and answer session to share their own understanding and their queries regarding future opportunities in Autocad Design and its prospects in the industry.

The speaker Mr. Nirav Bhatt being introduced by one of the students

Mr.Nirav Bhatt shared an interesting example on Auto Cad teaching which earned an impression and a smile from the students and the faculties

One of the students gave an impressive answer to one of the questions with great confidence and knowledge which won him the speaker’s appreciation.