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Guest Lecture – Prolific Systems and Technologies PVT.LTD – Mr. Hemant Kumar Singh – 30th August, 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

“Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch.” Steve Droke. The Corporate Resource Cell arranged a great knowledge sharing session as they invited Mr. Hemant Kumar Singh to share his expertise on equipments used in Power plant and also focused on Post Graduation in Advance Mechanical System. The students of B. Tech Mechanical Engineering Semester VII were benefited by this guest lecture.

Mr. Hemant Kumar Singh has over 13 years work experience. He is working as a Mechanical Faculty at Prolific Systems and Technologies PVT. LTD.

The guest lecture was started by introduction of Mr. Hemant Kumar Singh given by Mr. Rajnikant Anjara – Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering. All the respective academic staff members of Department of Mechanical Engineering were present in the guest lecture including Head of the Department – Prof. Mo. Aasif Mafat.

The speaker began the lecture with the discussion of Compressor. The lecture was quite interesting. He covered many topics like Gear, Types of gear, Pumps, PLC, SCADA. He also shared an example of Fixed Automation working plant to the students & hence students got better conceptual understanding.

The speaker also emphasized to learn Post graduation in Advance Mechanical system. The lecture was very practical and students learned all the basics of components of power plant. Students gained knowledge of the fundamentals of components used in industries and their uses.

The part when students enquired about the job outcome in Industry by doing Post graduation in Advance Mechanical system, Mr. Hemant Kumar Singh guided the students about its present demand and future possibilities in the market. The gesture earned a thunderous round of applause from students and faculties. The students learnt and clarified a many technical concepts during this fruitful guest lecture session.

Presentation about Industrial equipments use in the current market by Mr. Hemant Kumar Singh

Mr. Hemant Kumar Singh – Delivering the lecture