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Guest Lecture – Pristine Info Solutions – Founder & Chief Trainer – Mr. Rizwan Shaikh – 6th March, 2015 – Corporate Resource Cell

Unauthorized hacking is a crime in most countries; however, it is well accepted to penetrate testing done by request of the owner of the victim systems or networks. Rai University invited well known trainer of Ethical Hacking who enhanced knowledge of ethical hacking to attempt to penetrate networks and/or systems for the purpose of finding & fixing computer security vulnerabilities.
The esteemed speaker, Mr. Rizwan Shaikh is the founder of Pristine Info Solutions and works as chief trainer having an excellent experience exceeding seven years in the field of ethical hacking training. The speaker has been conducting Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security and Cyber Law and has been invited by many corporate and leading institutions of India including IIT’s and NIT’s for conducting workshops, seminars, boot camps and trainings on Ethical Hacking and Information Security.
He introduced the topic about Ethical Hacking, types of hacking to B.Tech IT students. The speaker vigorously took up the discussion google hacking, types of hackers, types of malwares, Live Hacking demos and venerability find by Kali Linux. Further related the speaker shared various examples of google hacking and many other websites for hacking and how to protect such websites.
The speaker also highlighted about Cyber Law, Cyber Space, Types of Crimes, IT Act, CERT-IND Extradition and Abettor. He also discussed regarding some challenges that are faced. Students were educated and briefed about advance studies about Kali Linux, it is an open source technology. Students were enriched by the knowledge of Cyber Laws section in Indian government and how to find and prevent data from unauthorized person. All in all, it was a fruitful session, which described the goals of “ethical hacking”, how ethical hacking can be used in solving crimes and how it can be beneficial to society.

Guest Lecturer Introduction by Mr. Krishnendu Sinha – Sr. Manager – Corporate Resource Cell

Mr. Rizwan’s Live Demo about hacking

Q/A round of students with the esteemed speaker – Mr. Rizwan Shaikh