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Guest Lecture-Pharma Stats Pvt Ltd-Ms Nirali Mehta-28th September 2015-Corporate Resource Cell

The Corporate Resource Cell organized a great knowledge sharing session as they invited Ms.Nirali Mehta to share her expertise on the topic of Pharma Stats . The students of B.Sc. (Biotech and Microbiology) Sem V and B.Tech (Biotech) Sem V were the target audience for this lecture.
Ms. Nirali Mehta is B.Sc, M.Sc Biostats. She has 10 years work experience. She is Director in Pharma stats. Her main areas of expertise include Pharma Stats and Biostats
The speaker started her discussion with a friendly greeting and asked for some insights from students on their knowledge regarding Biostatistics. After getting some intelligent answers from the students, she started explaining the first topic of the day namely an Introduction to advanced statistics.She went ahead and explained the importance of the use of statistics in modern day government and corporate field and the relevance of data and statistics in modern age businesses.
The second part of the lecture proved to be the jest of the discussion as the speaker put life in the topic by explaining various statistical techniques like – Population vs. sample Types of data (Qualitative and Quantitative),α-consumer risk and β-producer risk, Sample size calculation, Hypothesis, Confidence interval, P-value, why research is required details of parametric and non-parametric test. Finally she explained the prospects of Biostats as a career and also joyfully invited students to consider applying for her organization after completion of their graduation. This gesture earned a thunderous round of applause from all present
The students got to learn and clarify a lot of concepts of statistics that they have learnt in class and also understood the relevance of learning their subjects properly and its importance for their careers.

Ms. Nirali Shah welcoming the students and discussing the first topic of the day

Ms. Nirali Shah explaining the career prospects in the field of Biotech

Students listening with Rapt Attention as they listen with interest regarding the different statistical concepts