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Guest Lecture-Mr.Vijay Vora-3rd March 2016-Corporate Resource Cell

The Corporate Resource Cell organized Guest lecture on the “Mechanism of Union budget and Discussion on Union Budget-2016” and invited CA – Mr. Vijay Vora, Corporate Advisor and Academician to share his acquaintance on the topic with BBA and MBA at Rai University, Ahmedabad on 3rd March, 2016.
The esteemed guest speaker – Mr. Vijay Vora has a rich experience ranging up to 25 years and he has a keen eye for Budgeting, Private Equity Dealing, Financial Planning, Financial Modeling and related areas of Finance.
The veteran started with a friendly tone and light note to introduce the basics of Budget and Mechanism of Union Budget. During the course of his conversation, he questioned to the students about their understanding of a budget in a layman’s language. After appreciating some logical and witty answers by the management students, he went on to explain the basic functions of Mechanism of Union Budget and Other vital aspects of a Government Budget on the government spending, planned and unplanned expenditure and difference between fiscal and capital budgeting .
He brought the session to its climax with parameters that are to be considered while considering the current Union Budget and Modeling of Budget with the help of practical and live examples of Budgeting techniques utilized by the Government of India and Finance Ministry of India and also he gave the live example of Union Budget i.e. Presented in assembly in detail with an eye of Mechanism of Union Budget clarified the theoretical concepts of title of lecture and accomplished the objective of the lecture in good manner.
The students, graduates as well as post graduates were thrilled at the rich amount of knowledge displayed by the professional after putting a masterful yet interactive way making the students stay glued to their seats and were able to update many of their concepts of Finance Analysis, Finance Modeling and Union Budget of India.

The Faculties and Students interested and focused at the initiation part of the guest lecture by Mr. Vijay Vora

Mr. Vijay Vora appreciated the students for asking for some of the interesting concepts related to the budget and cheerfully shared his views with a lot of energy

Mr. Dharmesh Gajjar from MBA-IV confidently answered one of the difficult questions related to expenditure planning and earned a small applause from all present along with Mr. Vijay Vora