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Guest Lecture – Mr. Tejas Joshi, Mr. Rutvik Dave and Ms. Sanjeeta Singh Negi – “WASTE MANAGEMENT”- 31st March 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

Rai University has been focusing on both academic knowledge and the practical knowledge of the students. In view of this, the corporate resource cell organized a guest lecture on 31st march 2016 for benefit of the students of Life science and Management on the topic of Waste Management. Mr. Tejas Joshi, Mr. Rutvik Dave and Ms. Sanjeeta Singh Negi were invited as honorable guests who took the session were.

The session was floored by Mr. Tejas Joshi explaining the mess that is created by waste in the society and how it affects the health of the people living in the society. He nurtured the students and explained the importance of cleanliness. He invited the students to act as catalysts and Social Entrepreneurs and explained an innovative idea of making paper and plastic products from waste material. He explained the fundamentals of scrap dealer business who accept the waste and rusted products and pay you the amount but stand to earn handsomely from the recycling firms who pay handsome prices for such scrap and further process it and create a new plastic sheet or a paper from the waste. He stressed hard that keeping cleanliness will not only help keep our surroundings clean but also it can help us generate income if we can collect and dispose of the waste on our own.

Mr. Rutvik Dave was the next one in line as he went on to explain the importance of Reverse Osmosis process. He explained about the huge amount of water being wasted in sports tournaments and while bathing. He stressed on the importance of using reverse osmosis for converting impotable water into potable and safe water. He encouraged the students to form own small groups and dedicate themselves to the cause of water recycling and come up with new ideas. The speaker pointed recent Maharashtra High Court Judgment to shift IPL Matches out of Maharashtra as a noteworthy judgment for saving 60000 litres of water.

Ms. Sanjeeta Singh Negi took the opportunity to explain the students about the management of the wet waste. She started the session with a small exercise by giving each student a chance of how he will get rid of the waste that he/she generates in his day to day life. The students took the opportunity and they came up with new and innovative products that can be created from the waste by group brainstorming. She continued her presentation wherein she explained a “Pot theory”, a small earthen pot in which wet waste can be kept with some microbes and that will go undergo a one month process and will create a organic manure that can be used in the fields and gardens.

The discussion was largely applauded and praised by the students as a “Real Learning Opportunity”. Some of the students even promised forming waste management committees and making Facebook Pages to create awareness about this sensitive issue of “Waste Management”-For ourselves and our pockets.


Ms. Sanjeeta Negi interacted with students during the discussion on management of Wet Waste

Mr. Rutvik Dave during his address on the process of Reverse Osmosis and water recycling

The HODs, staff members listened with interest as Mr. Rutvik Dave explained his concept

Mr. Tejas Joshi shared interesting inputs on waste recycling and using waste recycling as a means to make additional income and a lucrative career

One of the students, Ms. Zoya Saiyed explained her interesting idea on making new products from waste products during the brain storming new ideas session with Ms. Sanjeeta Negi