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Guest Lecture – Mr. Karan Shah – Taru Leading Edge – 13th October, 2015

The Corporate Resource Cell invited Mr. Karan Shah from Taru Leading Edge Pvt. Ltd. as a guest faculty to share his knowledge and experience with the students of B.Tech and Diploma Semester V Civil Engineering on the topic “Town Planning”.
Mr. Karan Shah has 4+ years of work experience especially in implementation and management of projects in the area of climate change, urban resilience and sustainability. He has developed and expanded ‘sustainability education & training’ practice at Nirantara Sustainability Consultants as first formal employee of the team. He has been constantly participating in conceptualizing and implementing multiple national level projects involving research, outreach and stakeholder engagement. His work prowess is interdisciplinary and multi-faceted work exposure due to engagement with leading national scale projects He is a proven asset for his organization highly capable of multi-tasking with a bias for action and a genuine interest in personal and professional development.
The speaker began his address with a small interesting anecdote on town planning and immediately shifted to the main flow with the discussion on Classical Urban Planning, Colonial Urban Town Planning during the British Raj and how to carefully mix town planning with Master Plan and Social Planning.
The final topic for the day focused on the challenges for Urban Planning in 21st Century and compared it to the ancient times town planning seen at Harappa and Mohenjo Daro Civilizations. The speaker took a sharp turn on the process of Town Planning and provided guidance on the career opportunities for a Civil Engineer and the role of understanding modern day town planning for Civil Engineers.