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Guest Lecture – Mr. Dharmesh Makwana – Exide Industries – 8th October 2015

Marketing and advertising aren’t known as a thinking person’s profession, but the business actually requires more thought than most other professions. The Corporate Resource Cell organized lecture on the “Sales Management and STP Model” and invited Mr. Dharmesh Makwana, Sales Manager, Exide Batteries to share his thorough knowledge and experience on the topic with BBA and MBA at Rai University, Ahmedabad on 8th October, 2015.
Mr.Dharmesh Makwana has pursued his studies in B.E with an added to MBA Degree in specialization in Marketing. He has a rich experience ranging up to 17 years and he has a keen eye for Sales, Marketing, Product Segmentation, Customer Targeting, and Market Positioning, Advertising and sales promotion.
The veteran started with a friendly tone and light note to introduce the basics of Marketing and Sales Promotion. During the course of his conversation, and he questioned to the students with some ideas on their expectations from the Industry and asked some of the basic and interested aspects as well as the numerous practical sales & promotion and added to Advertising questions to students and received accurate and efficient answers from the students. He went on to explain the basic functions of Sales Management and Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning and he turned to prevailing techniques of Sales and Promotion with the help of latest advertising campaign by the companies and he related to the concept.
The session was brought to its climax with parameters that are to be considered while considering the current era’s sales management and STP Model with the help of practical examples of sales and promotion techniques utilized by the Companies and also he gave the live example of Exide Batteries in detail with an eye of Sales and Marketing.
The students were thrilled at the knowledge and were able to update many of their concepts of Sales Management and STP Model.

Students listening with interest as the speaker Mr. Dharmesh explained important concepts like a child’s play

Mr. Dharmesh Makwana explained the critical process of deciding a marketing mix of a product in the most simplified manner possible