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Guest Lecture – Mr. Devang Chauhan – Tops Technologies – 13th October, 2015 -Corporate Resource Cell

The Corporate Resource Cell organized a great knowledge sharing session as they invited Mr. Devang Chauhan, from TOPS Technologies to share his knowledge and experience. The students of B.Tech – IT semester – 5, Diploma CSE-IT semester – 3, MCA & B.Sc. – CS were the target audience for this lecture.
Mr. Devang Chauhan is a Corporate Trainer at TOPS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and he is Sr. SQL Database developer very good in Node.js & Angular.js. His areas of passion and specialization include the likes of DBMS & RDBMS, MySQL, Oracle DBA 10g, Android Development, etc.
The first topic of the day covered the needs having a Database Management System and gradually progressed in depth towards the system requirements and complexities of modern day database management and RDMBS also some interesting topics like installing the KSoap2-android library creating the layout, creating the Activity Class, configuring Internet Access Permission creating an Android Virtual Device (AVD), running the Android Client to access the web service.
The second half of the discussion involved multiple topics like Connecting and Disconnecting from the Server, Entering Queries, Creating and using a Database, Getting information about databases and tables using MySQL with Apache systems and sighted some common examples of J-Queries used in Large Size Databases.
The students of IT received a lot of encouragement based on the lively discussion and great examples on the topic to develop and update them.

Mr. Devang Chauhan explaining the different types of DBMS used by large size IT Giant Companies

Students listening with sharp attention as RDBMS Topic was being explained by Mr. Devang Chauhan