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Guest Lecture – Mr. Archit Somani – Director & CEO – Strawberry Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. – 20th October 2015 – Corporate Resource Cell

The Corporate Resource Cell organized a great knowledge sharing session as they invited Mr. Archit Somani from Strawberry Group for a Guest Lecture on multiple topics related to Software Development. The students of B.Tech – Electrical Engineering, Electrical Communication Engineering studying in the 5th Semester were the prime beneficiaries from this discussion.
Mr. Archit Somani has qualified as MS in Electrical Engineering & IT (in English) with total experience of 10 long years in versatile fields. Currently, he is working as Chief Executive Officer in Strawberry Group.
The first topic of the day covered the important topic of Introduction on MATLAB & Simulink Software used largely by software developers and programmers worldwide. The speaker highlighted important aspects of MATLAB and Simulink and explained the different type of diagrams and charts highlighting different ways to use various software in Program Designing and System Development.
The final topic for the day involved multiple topics like Identifying Vendors, Freelancers, and Student Interns for software development, Building new clientele and managing existing clientele, conducting trainings in advanced Robotics, Cloud Computing, MATLAB & Simulink, LATEX, MEMS & NEMS, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Hybrid Cars and Fuel Cells. The speaker also effectively explained the way to use MATLAB for image processing and its operation.
The students of IT received a lot of encouragement based on the lively discussion and great examples on the topic to develop and update them.

Mr. Archit Somani in action as he explained a beautiful live demonstration of the utilities of MATLAB and Simulink with an interesting audio visual presentation