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Guest Lecture – Mr. Arbindkumar Singh – Safexpress Pvt. Ltd – 30thNovember’16 – Corporate Resource Cell.

Marketing and advertising aren’t known as a thinking person’s profession, but the business actually requires more thought than most other professions. The Corporate Resource Cell organized a guest lecture on the “Logistic and Supply chain management as an important function of Marketing Management”by Mr. Arbindkumar Singh Chief Manager of Retail and Sales on 30thNovember’ 16.The prime beneficiaries of the lecture were Marketing Management Students and faculty members.
Mr. Arbindkumar Singh is an expert faculty in Marketing and has wide experience of 9 years in logistics and supply chain management. His dynamic visionary discussions were on the topics related to Retail management, Customer targeting, Market positioning and Advertising.
Mr. Arbindkumar Singh Chief Manager at Safexpress Pvt. Ltd started the session with glorious statement as “Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.” His prime topic’s discussion was about “Introduction of supply chain management theory by including its time, money and efforts saving materialization.” He gave brilliant live illustrations of brands such as Parle agro, Britannia, Honda, Haldiram, Patanjali, Ashok Leyland, Ford motors, Electronic products and many more with lead time and JIT.
Mr. Arbindkumar Singh guided the students about its present demand and future possibilities in the market. All activities handled by various organizations from its two ways activity process that is before manufacturing and after manufacturing channel activities. You can also contact marketing firms to get market research done on your product and the market for it. You will need this information when executing your business plan, getting financing and generating sales. The main highlight of the session was “Practical and technical concept of the good inbound and outbound logistic practice and Supply chain management as important function of Marketing”.
The session was brought to its climax with parameters that are to be considered while considering the current era’s sales management as well as the gesture earned a thunderous round of applause from students and faculties for explaining Seasonal effect of logistic in the market, New theory of reverse logistic and lead timing of FMCG (Perishable and non perishable products) supply chain which is an most effective genre for management stream members.
As the students already visited the site of Safe express were aware about their practical aspects as well as the theory of Logistic and Supply chain management as important function of Marketing Management. All the students learnt and clarified many technical concepts during this productive guest lecture session. The students were pleased by the dynamic knowledge of the expert faculty person and were able to update many of their concepts of Sales, logistics, marketing skills and Management skills.

“RU Students enlightened by the discussion held by guest speaker Mr. Arbindkumar Singh”

“Guest Speaker – Mr. Arbindkumar Singh discussing the Strategies of Marketing and Logistics with RU Students”

“Faculty expert Mr. Arbindkumar Singh discussing the Strategies of Marketing and Logistics with RU Students”

“RU Students getting most important lessons on Marketing and Logistics management skills by Mr. Arbindkumar Singh”