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Guest Lecture – Jaidarshan Infocraft Pvt. Ltd- Director – Mr. Divy Shah – 31st March 2015 – Corporate Resource Cell

Engineers in modern India have a lot to learn in different fields to meet the expectations of the Industry. The Corporate the Corporate Resource Cell invited renowned industry expert, Mr. Divy Shah, Director of Jaidarshan Infocraft Pvt. Ltd. to share his opinion and views on the topic of cylinder liners. The students of Automobile Engineering were the beneficiaries for this lecture.
The speaker, Mr Divy Shah is the director of one of the firms largely involved in the manufacturing of Centrifugal Casting and Sand casting. They specialize in the manufacturing of Cylinder Liners.
The first topic of the discussion was initiated in an enthusiastic tone by the speaker by welcoming the students to the discussion. He first started explaining about the different types of Engine Constructions involved in various vehicle engines. He also went on to explain some intricacies of vehicle design. He highlighted engine parts function, operation, materials used for making them and explanation with actual parts components. The discussion on car engines was the highlight of the lecture which allowed the students to understand a practical purview of the topic.
The session was brought to its climax with the discussion on cylinder liners in depth. Cylinder liner manufacturing process, its function, types, purpose of using, material used. Casting processes –sand casting and centrifugal casting and engine manufacturing process.
The students felt thoroughly enriched by the session as they got a great chance to see their future role live.

Students attending the lecture of Mr. Divy Shah

Mr. Divy Shah explaining the structure of cylinders in vehicles