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Guest Lecture – Institute of Human Genetics – Professor – Dr. Sunil Trivedi – 7th February, 2015 – Corporate Resource Cell

The students at Rai University have always been motivated and fostered to raise queries and acquire practical knowledge, which forms the core of learning in the 21st Century. Dr. Sunil Trivedi, Professor from the Institute of Human Genetics, was the key note speaker at the guest lecture conducted by the Corporate Resource Cell on 7th February, 2015 on the topic “Genetic Diseases”.
A famed faculty in the field of Genetic Research, Dr. Trivedi has more than 30 publications to his name and has earned vast respect as the Key Note Speaker at more than 70 conferences. With a vast experience exceeding 32 years, Dr. Trivedi, a proud PhD Degree recipient in Cancer Research from the MS University Baroda has a keen interest in his field of study.
Dr. Trivedi initiated the topic in an interesting yet absorbing session in which he discussed the concept of Genetic Diseases, Reasons for Genetics Diseases, and Diagnosis of such diseases and also threw some light on the actual ways in which they are being counseled and actually treated. After completing this topic, the speaker shared his views on another interesting part of the topic and took the audience into the past and focused on the history of Human Genetics through the ages. This interesting session covered some interesting terminology, characteristics, Single Gene Disorders, Different Syndromes and Structural Abnormalities being the prime areas of focus and focused on the Mendel’s Concept which was the limelight of the lecture.
The session was taken towards its conclusion with the speaker stressing on Genome Sequences including improvements required in the treatment of diseases and also forced on the need for personalized risk prediction while sighting a Real Time example of the advantages PCR Qualification. The lecture helped to spread awareness amongst the students and faculties regarding the challenges in the field of Genetics and was energetically absorbed by the students as a dynamic and mindful experience.

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