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Guest Lecture – Infobit Technologies – Mr. Nirav Patel – 7th April 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

“The mantra for the new world developers is not to focus on creating a design but creating a dream, a likeable dream for the end user”.

The Corporate Resource Cell organized a guest lecture with focus on enhancing modern day knowledge pertaining to Linux, Server Management and Hacking invited Mr. Nirav Patel to present his views in the form of a delightful lecture on the relevant topics on 7th April 2016. The students studying in B.Sc, B.Tech and Diploma in Computer Science and IT Dept were the chief beneficiaries from this lecture.

Mr. Nirav Patel is a Technical Head at Infobit technology with a keen experience and rich industrial experience.

The first topic of the day revolved around the concepts of Introduction to Linux, its relevance in modern times. The speaker beautifully explained the concepts alongside some really good examples on optimum utilization of Linux as a separate operating system and its usability compared to some of the other popular operating systems in the market.

The second topic of discussion focused on the concept of Shell Scripting, its basics and the various types of commands relevant to Shell Scripting and its relevance to programming concepts.

During the whole discussion speaker also covered some interesting information on the Installation of Linux, some basic commands, Unix and File systems. The discussion was brought towards the closure with a small lively discussion on Hacking where the students did most of the talking and the speaker delightfully appreciated the level of knowledge of the students. He ended the session with the demonstration of Kali Linux which forms an important segment of learning for the students of CS/IT.

The students learnt a lot and got clarity on the varied concepts of IT and welcomed the ideas of the speaker and his experience with a lively discussion and open mind.


Students and Faculties-A Group Photo during the Guest Lecture of Mr. Nirav Patel

Mr. Nirav Patel in action as he explained the concepts of Linux OS in separate portions vividly

Mr. Nirav Patel while explaining the concepts of Kali Linux