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Guest Lecture – Gujarat Energy Development Agency- Mr. N.B. Raval & Mr. Yogesh Prajapati – 16th September, 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

The Corporate Resource Cell organized a great knowledge sharing session as they invited Mr. N.B.Raval – Chief Engineer in GETCO and Mr.Yogesh Prajapati Asst. Professor in BVM college from Gujarat Energy Development Agency. They came for a Guest Lecture on multiple topics related to Energy conversion awareness, Energy audit, Power generation scenario, Energy saving, regarding Efficient power quality, Causes of low power factor and less efficiency and Power factor improvements.
Students as well as faculty of B. Tech (Electrical Eng.) & B. Tech (Mechanical Eng.) attended this guest lecture and were the prime beneficiaries of this session. GEDA is one of the premier organizations and a forerunner in India has been working in the field of renewable energy development and energy conservation. GEDA is shouldering the responsibility of a state nodal agency (SNA) for the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources (MONRE) and the state designated agency (SDA) for Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).
The first topic of the day covered the important topic of energy conversion awareness. The main concern was power generation scenario where increment in power generation capacity of India from 1947 to recent time was discussed and factors responsible for this unaffordable rise in price and how we can overcome this problem. Energy saving issue was also discussed as a form of simplistic way to save energy from individual efforts, by using energy efficient equipment; by increasing the number of non renewable energy sources and judicial use of energy is required to keep the low cost of power generation.

The final topic for the day involved Energy Audit where Assessment of energy needs, Assessment of biomass resources, Developing a manufacturing base to aid commercialization of renewable energy technologies, Building a renewable energy resource centre and maintaining a state-of- the-art knowledge bank, Voltage fluctuation, Non linear loads, Lack of maintenance of home and industrial appliances are responsible for low power factor and low efficient power system. Power factor improvement and efficiency in managing Power factor was the main motto of the guest lecture.

The students received a lot of encouragement based on the lively discussion and great examples on the topics discussed. They concluded and updated their learning to save electricity using simple way by improving efficiency of power plants and less dependence on limited energy sources. Perhaps the greatest realization is the need to reposition renewable not as alternatives out to replace conventional energy sources, but to stress their potential as sustainable sources of energy, appropriate for specific needs with some very crucial added advantages to our survival and healthy development.

Subject Expert delivering his knowledge to the students – GEDA – Guest Lecture

GEDA – Faculties & Students attending the guest lecture

GEDA – Mr. N.B. Raval & Mr. Yogesh Prajapati – Guest Lecture