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Guest Lecture – Dharamsinh Desai University – Mr. Jagat Upadhyay – 20th February 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

The Corporate Resource Cell organized a guest lecture for “scientists of tomorrow” on the topic of “Medicinal Chemistry” on 20th February 2016 and invited Assistant Professor, Mr. Jagat Upadhyay to present his views and guidance on this interesting topic.
Mr. Jagat Upadhyay is Assistant professor at Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Dharmsinh Desai University and has total 8 years of work experience. Ligand Based Drug Design, Structure based drug design and Similarity & Diversity based structural searches form his core passion in Pharmaceutical science.
The first topic of the day revolved around the concept of Introduction to Basic Drug design. The speaker went on to cover some important developments in the field of modern day pharmaceutical industry from compound collection to critical analysis of components till actual clinical trials and observation of reports after administering drug through different tests.
The second topic of discussion focused on the portion of importance of clinical trials in drug testing including variety of topics like: Steps and importance of clinical trials, ligand based drug design (QSAR and Pharmacophore Mapping), structure based drug design (Docking and Scoring), similarity and diversity based structural searches, de-novo drug design and virtual compound library design and screening, design and synthesis of New Chemical Entities, design of new computational protocols.
During the whole discussion the instance of quotation of “Aspirin” and its working was the limelight of the discussion. Towards the end of the discussion the speaker also addressed some questions of the students regarding career prospects in pharmaceutical industry.
The students learnt a lot and got clarity on the concepts of the working of Drug Design and Discovery and also job skills required to make a career in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Overall, it was an informative and interactive session.

Mr. Jagat Upadhyay in action while explaining the drug discovery process.