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Guest Lecture-Deputy General Manager-Adani Infrastructure-Mr. Naveen Chauhan-23rd February, 2015 – Corporate Resource Cell

In all fields of management, the feasibility of a business enterprise depends on how well it can handle its economic affairs to perfection. In order to understand the macro picture of Indian Economy, the Corporate Resource Cell invited Mr. Naveen Chauhan, Deputy General Manager, Planning and Strategy from Adani infrastructure to share his views and experience on the topic “How to strengthen the Indian Economy” for the students of MBA and BBA.
Mr. Naveen Chauhan has completed his education as a post graduate in Engineering and an MBA Degree. He started his career as a Deputy Manager and after working with strength and determination reached his current post of Deputy General Manager. He has an expertise in dealing with government bodies and a deep level of knowledge in the areas of strategy planning & control, business development and advocacy, corporate finance (fund raising and project finance), financial planning and control, analysis and reporting in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Solutions.
The speaker began the session on a fresh note asking for ideas on student knowledge regarding the economy. He discussed in depth regarding the components of the Indian Economy, the current scenario and discussed the changes that can take the economy on a new track. The speaker also went a step ahead and discussed the scope of improvement and key role players for Economic Growth. He shared interesting examples on the role of Collaboration, merger & acquisition in modern Indian economy.
The speaker slowly turned the discussion towards its climax with the mention of key players in the Indian Economy and Skills required for economic upliftment. The lecture made the students aware about the working of the Indian Economy and economic hurdles to economic progress of India.

Mr. Naveen Chauhan, DGM, Adani Enterprise discussing the concepts of Indian Economy

The speaker being introduced by the CRC Department Manager, Mr. Krishnendu Sinha.

Active Student Participation and their keen interest in the topic.