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GUEST LECTURE – Bascom Bridge Pvt. Ltd. – Mr. Brijesh Patel – 1st October 2015 -Corporate Resource Cell

The Corporate Resource Cell organized a great knowledge sharing session as they invited Mr. Brijesh Patel on 1st October 2015 . The students of B.Tech – CSE Semester – 5, Diploma CSE-IT Semester – 5, MCA & B.Sc. – CSE were the target audience for this lecture.
Mr. Brijesh Patel is a Corporate Trainer-Bascombridge Education Private Limited and he is CCNA, CCNP & MCSA certified professional. His prime areas of expertise include Network Administration Windows Server Administration, CCNA certified, CCNP certified.
The speaker started his discussion on Cisco Packet Tracker by starting on the basics of Network Administration. The speaker explained a short briefing on the needs and importance of Network Administration. The speaker covered some important topics like TCP/IP Suite of Protocols, Connectionless vs Connection Oriented Networking and IP Addresses and impacts of changes in IP Address.
The second part of the lecture involved multiple topics like differentiation between Data Link and Network Addresses, functions of a MAC Address, the advantages of LAN segmentation and Understanding the workflow of the CSMA/CD process by sharing some information and examples like Static Route, Internal EIGRP, IGRP, OSPF. The examples on CISCO Packet Tracker and Process of changing the MAC address was the highlight of the lecture
The students of IT received a lot of enlightenment on the knowledge, examples and short live demonstration video helping them to understand the topics of the lecture in a simple and lucid manner.

Students of CSE IT listening with sharp attention as the speaker explained the process of changing IP Addresses

The Speaker Mr. Brijesh Patel explaining the topic with great energy and enthusiasm with great simplicity