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Field Visit – Village Dhirand, Dholka – School of Agriculture – 10th March, 2017

Field trips in School of Agriculture augment the prepared lesson plans and synchronize with classroom learning.
10th March, 2017 – School of Agriculture organized a field visit for Semester VI students to a farm in the village Dhirand in Dholka, Ahmedabad. One of the main purposes of the visit was to know more about commercial crops like Castor, Wheat, etc. & fruit crops like Lemon. Upon their arrival, students were greeted by the farm owners who also gave an introduction about the farm. Modern agriculture is knowledge-based, in which education at all levels, particularly higher education has an important role. Such field trips add on to the knowledge imparted at the university.
During the visit, students learnt about several agricultural equipment which is used in regular routine farm work. They also saw different insecticides, pesticides & weedicides and gained knowledge with the help of discussions about different fertilizers used by farmers. Faculty member with the students – Dr. Mayur Prajapati also taught them about the various methods of harvesting. He also discussed with the students about the current market trends and value of commercial crops. Disease and pest effect on Lemon farm was also explained and demonstrated to the students.
The visit was very well executed and hence students benefitted greatly.

Briefing and explaning sessions

Students observing and learning at the farm