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Field visit – Village Badarkha – School of Agriculture – 10th March, 2017

Field visit for agriculture students reinforces what a teacher has been explaining in class about various concepts and help students understand the topic better. It also cultivates social skills and students understand to be respectful of the locations they visit.
School of Agriculture at Rai University, Ahmedabad organized a field trip for B.Sc. Agriculture, Semester IV students on 10th March, 2017.
Students visited a farm at village Badarkha in the morning. To understand practically about conventional farming of wheat crop in the field was one of the main purposes of the visit. Students were very curious to learn and observe. In the beginning, they were welcomed by the farm owner, who also further briefed them about the farm and its various operations and methods of those operations. Students learnt about the livestock in the field, demonstration about insect pest damage and diseases of Rice, Sugarcane and Wheat. They also observed some diseases like blast of rice, red rot of sugarcane, termite in wheat, mealy bug of sugarcane, aphid in wheat and sugarcane, etc. In the course of discussion with the farmers, they also understood the problems faced by them during crop production period. In length, they also discussed about the irrigation pattern, methods of harvesting, etc. The farmers also shared various statistics about the market value of particular crops and related transportation facility for selling. Students were demonstrated traditional and modern implementation.
Such field visits create, “episodic memories,” which helps students retain information for longer periods. The visit was very valuable for students.

A group photo with the farmer

Students observing cropping patterns in the farm

Time to learn things practically