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Field Visit – Village Ambaliyara, Dholka – School of Agriculture – 16th March, 2017

School of Agriculture arranged a field visit for B.Sc. Agriculture, Semester IV, Section B students to village Ambaliyara in Dholka, Ahmedabad on 16th March, 2017.
It is true that a well-planned field trip can be a valuable tool in the agriculture teacher’s educational toolbox. After being welcomed by the farm owner, students saw and understood the various farming methods adopted by the farmer in the field. Professor Dr. M. C. Patel also shared with students about hybrid material in farming. The farmer also discussed with the students about the common problems faced in Wheat crop. Students were demonstrated soil sampling, harvesting of wheat by wheat harvester, etc. They also collected soil and water samples for analytical approach in laboratory. They also discussed about the distribution facilities and importance of commercial approach to farming.
One cannot deny that the future of agriculture requires much more than technical skill. The visit added not only in terms of enhancement of knowledge but also thinking skills in students who can respond to changing market structure and consumer demand in a dynamic way. Both teachers and farmers played active roles in creating a positive learning experience for students out on the farm.

A group photo at the farm

Wheat Harvesting