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Event-Warriors – The Sports Club – Concours2k17 at DAIICT-Gandhinagar- 30th October 2017

Rai University believes in excellent academic system that sharpens young mind and toughens healthy heart beat in harmony with nature. For that, sports play a key role keeping the sound body. Perfect education cultivates the body, mind, and heart all together. To fulfill the highest goal of education, Concours2k17, a mega sports event was conducted at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute, Gandhinagar on 30th October, 2017.
Eighteen teams participated including the RU Warriors. First battle of RU Warriors was against SAL institute, Ahmedabad. RU Warriors stood at score of 124/5 and beat the opponent team just for 50 all out. At the end RU won by 74 runs.
The event initiated at 11:30 AM with the inaugural address to all the teams present. All the registered teams were invited and slowly the atmosphere gathered excitement and zeal as enthusiastic sports fans flocked to the ground to cheer and enjoy the event.
Mr. Mahendra Marwadi was the captain of RU Warriors. The members of the champion team and the runner up team were greeted by DAIICT core organizing committee. A small photo session for the members of champion was followed shortly.