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Women Empowerment – “SHE” INVENTING “HERSELF”

Women Empowerment She Inventing Herself

 Women Empowerment – “SHE” INVENTING “HERSELF”  |Rai University

The historical subjugation of women had left a bitter legacy in the world. But women today have set apart this bigotry and have emerged out of the hackneyed idea of prejudice against them. “Women: a LACK” is now an old cliché`. She is no more the “OTHER” or the “subaltern” but has an equal-footing in all domains.


Women, it was believed, were too susceptible to sensibility and too fragile to think clearly as were taught from infancy that beauty is women’s scepter and hence their minds roamed rounds in the glitz cage. But they have grown with the capability of rational and abstract thought, no more seeking to adorn their prison and breaking out of the constructs of women-hood. Their education and perception of skills has exercised their understanding to strengthen their body and from the heart.


When it comes to picking up careers, the world is their oyster. They aren’t afraid to stand up to giants and make themselves heard, they are vocal enough to voice their opinions and protest. Taking risks and aiming for stars comes easy for them, it is not always playing safe. They are incredibly adventurous and determined, nothing fazes them and hence they pursue success even at a young age. Women now are truly global, from technology to politics, to social networking they always know ‘what’s trending’ worldwide. They have become the trend setters in all stations and have even used their keener nerves of emotional association to produce an ethnic compassion and increased humanitarian effort. Self-dependence is one of their most defining features boosted by self-confidence which inculcates in them rational argument and fervent rhetoric of sensibility that makes them the masters of all fields.


Today’s women of all station are intelligent, full of wit, rational and moral, in a nutshell, enlightened which has also made them the elitist in today’s world and with her alter ego she can mingle her modern and progressive thoughts with her daily life exceeding in all manners and modules. With the help of knowledge and exposure they have got a room of their own; a personal insight and have been demanding a change for the better: socially, politically as well as economically for individual recognition on all platforms with their undeterred commitment and determination which gave them success and has subverted the general perspective for women globally.


Therefore, the need of the hour is to bring new visibility and legitimacy to the lives and works of women who have excelled in their respective spheres including all from the legends to the ones at the grass root level. These outstanding women are to be appreciated for their personal and societal flourish and betterment and should be supported by the government and society on both economic and moral grounds.