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If India needs to attain the vision in education, what are required aren’t simply reforms however a revolution of sorts. There must be a drastic overhaul of the prevailing education system.

Primary Education

Compulsory and free primary education should get on top of our education agenda. There’s no getting away from enforcing the Constitutional commitment to compulsory education until the age of fourteen years, provided by Article 45 and getting by a historical Supreme Court judgment declaring education as an elementary right.


In the current system of education, the shortage of opportunities for creativity for lecturers as well as students is consistent. Excessive use of textbooks and external examinations, to the exclusion of the method of education, is partially liable for this. Entire generations of teachers haven’t noted any other system and changes within the present system will meet with resistance.

Training of teachers to target areas of learning that can be worked on, computer-aided teaching and technology led learning has to be there in major reforms. The Indian government and State Governments need to facilitate this method by bringing about rules for continuous teacher quality upgradation.

Learning to learn

The current system of book-based and theory-oriented teaching doesn’t instill independent thinking. It ought to be modified to create the scholars learn by practice and experience. This could be initiated from the primary level of education.

Value systems

To build a society with sensible character and citizenship, it’s vital that value education is introduced in pre-school and strengthened in primary, secondary and higher education.

Education Infrastructure

Just as economic infrastructure is seen crucial for the industrial sector, the development of infrastructure of educational institutions should be seen as important to a knowledge society.

Research in education

Research in India is basically an elitist idea. Analysis in the least levels ranging from the undergraduate level within the science and technology fields ought to be inspired. Even the infrastructure offered for analysis and development is poor and archaic.

Physical Education

There is no stress on physical development in our school curriculum. There’s a desire to encourage sports activities by providing the required infrastructure. The prevailing resources of Sports Authority of India and different sports bodies within the country ought to be utilized for this critical space.

Extra-curricular activities

One day per week (preferably Saturday) must be mandatorily put aside for extra-curricular activities like games, study visits, arts and crafts and similar activities at the primary school and secondary school level.

Guest Blogger: Prabjeet Kaur