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Media and Communication: An Exciting Evolving Area of Study

Media and Communication CMAC - Rai University Ahmedabad


Media and communication sector is becoming more diverse and dynamic, and gaining popularity in this era. It is one of the most exciting and evolving area of study among today’s generation. Media and communication studies provide a deep insight into the latest trend of mass communication and various media. It focuses on television, radio, print, Internet, public relations, music, advertising and movies. It also comprises media research and media policy which explains how the media works and impacts the society.

Now-a-days media technology has made communication much easier and  student are taught about media tools to enhance their understanding on various technologies.
Electronic media in communication includes television, radio, computer, cell phones and other devices in association with photography, cinema, broadcasting, advertising, publishing, media and press. It also blends professional courses in digital production, broadcasting and writing.
Communication studies is somewhat a broader term which includes carriers not only in media such marketing, journalism and entertainment but also education, international relations, law, business, management, politics and many more. Students from different academic background can apply for media and communication studies.
A series of lectures, various practical activities, seminars and assessments are given and taught to the students to provide insights into the media world. There are many other carrier options for those who want to go for further studies in this field such as: one can opt for postgraduate degrees like Master of International Relations, International Journalism, MBA in media and communication and Master of Commerce.
Students with masters in media and communication gets opportunity in media industry and get training in the way so that  they can critically analyze how media represents, influences and reflects the world.