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What Literature is to Books – Education is to Mankind

Education for Social Transformation-Rai University

“Nelson Mandela believed that Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world.”

Education is an important gauge to bring in social reforms. The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change. The relationship between education and social change is dual in nature. Education serves as an instrument and also as a product.

Education opens the door to Knowledge, Spirituality, and Humanity. In this competitive world, a person who isn’t well educated finds it hard to survive in the age of inflation, bribery, forgery, etc. Education has broken a number of barriers worldwide and is used as a tool to unfetter an individual. Through child centric learning, students are now able to see their own part in transmutation. Societal change comes from the collective transformation of the individuals within that society. Literacy allows people, particularly those who are marginalized and discriminated to acquire a “critical consciousness”.

The urban areas have travelled the road from developing to developed and rise in the number of educated persons is evidence to this fact. Whereas, the remote areas of our country still remain deprived and untouched from the essence of knowledge. In some parts, education has overcome the social evil of patriarchy due to which the denominators’ conditions have changed. Education not only breaks national but international boundaries as well.

There are two types of relationship between education and social change which are as under:

1. Education as a Mandatory Condition for Social Change:

Past experiences of advanced countries has shown that for any social revolution education is the foremost condition. Illiterate section of the society remains confined with their existing conditions and takes it as their fate. But they’re unaware of the fact that education will help them rationalize their thinking and approach.

2. Education as a result of Social Transmutation:

Education and Social transformation walks hand in hand as it helps to bring in change in social conditions. On the other hand, education is influenced by social change, which clearly depicts that social transformation helps spreading education and vice-versa.