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Implementing Effective Road Safety Laws For its Students @ Rai University

Road Safety Laws followed by Rai University

Implementing Effective Road Safety Laws For its Students @ Rai University

Road accidents slaughter more than 120 lakh individuals and harm more than 50 Crore individuals overall consistently. Everyday 6600 deaths and 3300 serious injuries happen because of RTAs.


The worldwide yearly cost because of RTA is a whopping 2,30,000 million US dollars. Sadly India has the doubtful qualification of having the most noticeably bad record of street security across the world.


To lessen the amount of street activity damages, the pace of administrative change and authorization need to be scurried and more consideration should be paid to helpless street users, for example, people on foot, cyclists and motorcyclists. This calls for an alarmed action and some fundamental road safety steps that must be fused in our daily lives. Road Safety is a multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional subject. It incorporates efficient improvement and administration of streets, procurement of more secure vehicles, and a thorough reaction to mishaps. It depends on advanced activity administration frameworks and practices, enhanced security guidelines in configuration, development, operation and upkeep of streets and generation and support of more secure vehicles.


Most of our students and employees rely on road transport for commuting to college/workplace and travel. Therefore, Rai University has adopted strict rules to protect its students and employees and help develop a safety culture beyond its operation to limit the serious safety risks that it can pose. We have well-trained bus and other drivers with genuine licensing and have imparted in them key-knowledge of driving and road safety rules. They drive only when sober and at rest, use seat-belts and child-restrains, minimize distractions while driving (such as mobile phones), keep a suitable gap between automobiles on the road while driving and not rushing through and no unnecessary overtaking et al. Also our transportation is equipped with good mechanical condition, proper emergency exits, clean windows and looking glasses, working horns, indicators and head and rear lights et al.


Road Safety is an imparted, multi-sectoral, obligation of the legislature and culture stakeholders. The accomplishment of road safety methods in all nations relies on a broad base of help and basic activity from all stakeholders. We hope that our steps for the road safety would help initiate a new niche and bring about a change for the better in bringing effective road safety laws.