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Why You Should be a Graduate

Being a Graduate and get Achieve your Goal-Rai University

This is the right time to graduate and earn a degree of your interest. Many people don’t realize the value of a degree until and unless they get struck in a situation in professional life, where without a degree your promotion, increment and other such things are badly affected. It is important to be a graduate for a far smoother transition in a professional workplace.

Read three amazing reasons to feel glad you’re a graduate:

Ample of Opportunities Available

In a report released based on a survey, it has been found that employers have plan to recruit over 200 graduates in the next year. The report was encouraging as the recruiters have shown a long leap from 4% increase in 2013 to a significant 10.2% for 2014, which equates approximately to 23,000 more jobs for graduates, which is actually a good jump. The sectors that are going to offer more job opportunities include IT and Telecommunications (around 40.3%), Public Sector (20.3%) and Energy, Utilities and Water with 17.5%. So students with excellent educational background holding a graduate will be surely in demand.

Employers Are Looking For You

It is not that only we look for good employers to achieve our dream career, employers also look for deserving candidates, who are capable of delivering their 100% in the task assigned to them. Hence, being a graduate from a reputed college or university increases your chance of being placed by recruiters from top most companies. There is something to feel good about if you have got the degree isn’t?

Satisfy Your Intellectual Curiosity 

Being a graduate also provides you the opportunity to pursue and follow your passion and intellectual curiosity, which would not have been difficult to do outside of academia.  Besides, you also get the space to be reflective and to explore the information and research about it. It might be an expensive affair if you only pursue graduate degree for learning’s sake. So add your insight and get the best out of it and learn to leverage that degree. BE happy and be a graduate, you never know, something really exciting might be awaiting you.