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Future of MOOCs in India


In a developing country like India where the major part of population resides in rural areas and people can’t afford to get quality education, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can definitely considered as a game changer. This cost effective way of learning through online medium definitely possess a bright future in India as Government doesn’t have to spend money on the construction of schools and colleges, students do not have to travel up to long distances, no faculty will be needed then what will be required? One only needs to get a laptop or desktop and an internet connection and they are all set to go!

Since learning will be online, it would be different from the conventional method of learning and has the potential to overcome distance and time barriers. Students do not have to attend the lectures in early morning and they will not study under pressure of examination. Here the sole focus is to impart skill based knowledge to the students.

With little guidance, the rural children will successfully get high end education without leaving their roots. Students do not have to move away from their hometown due to non availability of higher educational institutes and their money will be saved. Education will be at home in their comfort zone and students can concentrate more on their studies without any distractions.

Online Education courses in India promote theoretical knowledge rather than practical one, so in this case one can go for these online courses to enhance their practical knowledge. As they are available anytime, anywhere student can combine these courses with their university programs in order to achieve both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Learning will be just one click away for those who seek education. It will empower the people and will help them to raise their socio-economic status. If we look at the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) of India, it is poor comparing to other countries and is a topic of immense concern. In this scenario, these open online courses can be seen as the brightest and the best way to improve this ratio and raise literacy level. Without higher literacy rates, India can never fight poverty and education must reach each and every individual. With mere efforts by the government of India, online education can successfully reach every individual. The technology driven education system and online studies will definitely help India to foster its growth. We will see a better and strong India in future.