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Extra-Curriculars Activity along with academic subjects can fetch you some better career choices

Extra Curriculars Activity at Rai University


With the result portals flooded with percentiles in 90’s and 80’s, resulting into a cut-throat competition, students find it difficult when it comes at seeking admission in their choice of subjects or to pursue higher education.

With an outstanding amount of students coming up with good academic scores, indulgence in some extra-curricular activity may help you stand apart from the crowd. Fetching a good job in a good organisation after your graduation would demand you to have creative and analytical skills in your kitty. Hence, enrolling in an extra-curricular activity is a must and would work wonders for you in future. These activities not only work as a stress buster but also help in the expansion of one’s mental horizons.

Extra-Curricular Activity (ECA) includes Dancing, Singing, Theatre, NCC, NSS, etc. Also, ECA gives student an introduction to the world outside books, into the world they’re supposed to live in after completing their education. Hence, it imparts practical knowledge of the outside world to the students through the means of various competitions, making a student confident, practical and self-sufficient. Thanks to out of the box skills, which the ECA equips a student with, provides an edge to the students and make them more social and arm them with a unique view point.

Rai University Student Sports Club

With a few institutions realizing the importance of Extra-curricular Activities, and to uplift the scope for Extra-Curriculars, have started to come up with a certain unique admission criterion for students enrolled in Extra-Curricular’s. Thereby, promoting these non-academic activities through the medium of some relaxation in the admission processes, the bait is hard to resist and, it might witness an increase in the Enrollment ration in the ECA at school levels, at least.

We at Rai University understand the need of Entertainment and out of the box activities, and promote Extra-Curricular Activities among the students, so as to make them more skilful and talented. The university provides its students with non-academic activities through various cultural and sports clubs. The university is the home to the Cultural Club – REET and the sports club i.e. WARRIORS. The cultural club entails its students in regional dances, mimes, carols, fusions, fresher, resonance of songs, games, farewell parties, eating and adorning. Whereas, The Sports Club of Rai University is a saga of efficiency, accuracy, focus and endurance. It encourages its students to indulge in sports activities enabling them to meet the challenges at both physical and mental level.