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Choosing a Glamorous Career: Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing Course at Rai University


We are in that season of the year which is overwhelmed by breathtaking style shows. One such goliath style occasion is Lakhme’ Fashion Week which is a half-yearly mold occasion that happens in Mumbai. Its Summer-Resort show happens in February whiles the Winter-Festive show happens each August.

Such occasions empower the junior creators who seek of getting amongst the top style architects. Fashion Designing is the connected workmanship committed to the planning of dress and lifestyle adornments. Style outlining has progressed beyond anyone’s expectations from the architect garments worn by the sovereignty of the antiquated world to the haute couture results of the present.

Fashion Designing is a standout amongst the most alluring vocations and on the off chance that you have an affinity for inventiveness, style and creativity, a profession in style outlining is the one appropriately customized for you. The expression “Fashion” immediately summons pictures of glamour and fabulousness. Universal style showcase in India has given a stimulus to the design business which has risen as the blasting business.

At the same time as every coin has two sides, this glitzy vocation is requesting in the meantime. One need to begin the vocation from ground level and ought to have quietness to turn into an originator. Effective style fashioners have a wide show of aptitudes, including drawing, an eye for shade and composition, a capability to picture ideas in three measurements, and the mechanical abilities included in sewing and cutting numerous types of fabrics.

School of Fashion Technology & Performing Arts, a reputed institution of Rai University offers the following Programs in Fashion Designing:

Graduate Programs in Fashion Designing at Rai University

• Bachelor of Design in Fashion & Textiles
• BA (Fashion Technology)
• BSc (Textile Design)
• BA (Hons) (Fashion & Apparel Technology)
• BA (Hons) Textile Design (Constructed Textiles)
• BA (Hons) (Fashion Marketing)
• BA (Hons) (Fashion Design Technology)
• BA (Hons) (Fashion Marketing & Promotion)
• BA (Hons) (Fashion Design for Industry)
• BA (Hons) (Fashion Design with Retail Management)
• BA (Hons) (Fashion Management)
• BA (Graphic Design)

Masters Programs in Fashion Designing at Rai University

• MA (Fashion Accessory Design & Technology)
• MA (Fashion Portfolio Development)
• MA (Fashion Studies)
• MA (Textile & Fashion Design Management)
• MA (Fashion Styling & Photography)
• MA (Apparel Production, Quality Control)