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5 Stupid Things Students Usually Do When Cramping for Exams

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Just before every exam, almost all students find themselves in crawling panic in order to finish their assignments before deadline and preparing for the exams. Since they are serious this time as preparing for college studies prepares you for real world competition. College studies teach you your important lessons of life. You can’t run away from the challenges faced during the last minute preparations for exam.  Find out some of the ways, wherein your brain can make you fool into studying without actually learning:

You are not Squirrel

Mostly students spend time stockpiling the photocopies, printouts, notes and textbooks just before the exams, building a library on your study table. Wait!! If you find doing this to yourself doing this, just take a break. Tell yourself that you cannot stuff all the information into a brain just before the exams. Stay calm, don’t study piling up the books and notes around you, instead start with something manageable for eg. reading one book at a time you were supposed to have read. Remember the things and keep them in your mind before moving on to the next.

Highlighting Text Doesn’t Create Any Magic

Painting the class notes with different colors is what most of us do while remembering them. But let me tell you one thing, this is not helpful but this is just your brain flipping out. It’s very stupid to paint the entire textbook in various colors like a candy!! What you can do instead is, drop the marker and take another sheet. Put down all the important key points, names and dates on that separate page. This will remain handy with you which you can study anywhere easily.

Stop Nest Building

Spending hours deciding what to study and making the time table, crafting the ideal study nest is just a complete wastage of time. Spending time on every single thing that needs to be fixed means not to actually start studying. Trying to reach the ideal study set-up actually is killing the study time. You can utilize the time and start with the subject that interests you most.


It might sound little weird but re-reading your notes several times cannot be counted as studying. Take out time to sit and study other things in the course or you can do problems and equations, if you an engineering student. If you are a history student make a list of important dates, periods and paste in front of your study table. If you are student of English Literature try to write a paragraph or essay discussing your favorite play or novel. Knowledge that makes you actually make you think is what you will always remember.

Don’t Complain

Sitting and complaining that the exam was unfair are biggest mistake students usually do. Complaining that the lectures were not that helpful and didn’t teach us how to prepare for exams is another thing students’ express. But is it a professor’s job to teach you how to prepare for papers? They can only teach you subject and exams are not always the aim of education. Studying in college or university help you to think and do things independently.