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MOOCS Online Learning
Education is something that shapes one’s life and personality and defines success. There are many people in India who are depriving of higher and quality education due to various reasons from family to work responsibilities. Technology and globalization have increased the accessibility of higher education in recent years. MOOCs or Massive Online Open Courses are […]
Media and Communication CMAC - Rai University Ahmedabad
  Media and communication sector is becoming more diverse and dynamic, and gaining popularity in this era. It is one of the most exciting and evolving area of study among today’s generation. Media and communication studies provide a deep insight into the latest trend of mass communication and various media. It focuses on television, radio, […]
Career after BA in English
  One of the most frequently asked questions by the students is – what career to choose after B.A in English? B.A in English is a common subject which students opt for as it offers a host of career options for the students. After completing graduation, students generally get confused whether to work or go […]
Rai University - Moocs Learning Hub
  “We are born weak, we need strength; helpless, we need aid; foolish, we need reason. All that we lack at birth, all that we need when we come to man’s estate, is the gift of education”; a famous quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a Genevan philosopher, writer, and composer describes all about the need of […]
Hotel management-Rai University
Industry of Hotel management becomes more global with the globalization ahead getting with more and more countries. Hotel management is the basic part of hospitality industry. It has large employment opportunities for the desired candidates. Nowadays hotel owners are opening new branches in a variety of big and small cities, because of this requirement for […]
In a developing country like India where the major part of population resides in rural areas and people can’t afford to get quality education, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can definitely considered as a game changer. This cost effective way of learning through online medium definitely possess a bright future in India as Government doesn’t […]
Higher Studies in Gujarat-India
Gujarat has historically been recognized for its entrepreneurial leanings and not for its ability to develop professionally trained human resources. This however, is probably going to vary very rapidly because the Government of Gujarat has initiated a mission to create Gujarat an Education Hub for the country. The efforts are directed not solely towards attracting […]
How to Improve Employbility Factor
  Are you aware that your degree might be responsible for making an extensive contribution towards securing a good job? In most of the cases, we spent time just promoting the significance and the advantages of rich work experience and extra-curricular activities.   We spend a lot of time promoting the benefits of work experience […]
Project Based Learning-PBL at Rai University
Project Based Learning is a teaching technique in which learners pick up knowledge and aptitude by living up to a stretched out period of time to investigate and react to a complex address, issue, or challenge. Studies have demonstrated that when actualized well, Project Based Learning (PBL) can build retention of text and enhance students’ […]
career in Biotechnology Rai University
Biotechnology is the amalgamation of Biology and Technology and includes a wide array of subjects like biology, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular science, engineering , microbiology, etc. Let’s discuss what all Biotechnology has to offer: How is the biotechnology sector in India emerging today? Biotechnology sector in India is developing at a quick pace. Scholastic and […]